Jevoris X TheMinuteManSG

In youth we learn, in age we understand. ⁣

The Dreamchaser Prestige Black, like the Macallan 30 take great pride in it's series. The materials used for each and every part of the watch is carefully selected.⁣

This series designed is the expression of life,

manufactured in 2019.⁣

The wavy dail represents the sea of challenges we face in life. ⁣

The open heart on the dial shows the movement racing like how life keeps going while the second hand rotates and tick in a circle like how we are losing time every second in the world remembering the importance of time.⁣

Last but not least, the clear quartz crystal on the dial is ordinary yet extraordinary. ⁣

In Japan, the clear quartz crystal is referred to a “perfect jewel” because they believed it symbolized space, purity and patience. ⁣

Like chasing a dream, all good things take time.⁣

We are proud to collaborate with@theminuteman.sgon this article and beautiful shot.